Enhancing the Effectiveness of Board of Directors and Senior Management Teams


At MGA Growth, our aim is to increase the organization’s ability to realize its mission, reach its vision and achieve its strategic goals



To guarantee sustainability and growth over the long term, organizations need to en- sure effective Management, strong Governance and apply meaningful Assessments.

Are the right people in place? Are they performing to their potential? Are the right mes- sages being communicated? Are people being challenged and motivated? Are they being supported and developed? Do the organization’s processes and structures en- hance or impede performance?

Overall success is largely dependent on the systems in place to manage performance. That is, organizational performance, board performance, director performance and management performance.

To ensure that the best and most potent set of competencies, processes, people and structures are in place, best practices recommend that a review and fine tuning process be conducted on a regular basis.

An effective performance management system raises the bar, clarifies expectations and reinforces a culture of accountability for the whole organization.

It is a wise and prudent practice that offers many benefits to every level of the organiza- tion. A comprehensive assessment process helps to align performance with the mission, vision and strategic goals.


HR & Organizational Transformation

As every organization evolves, it needs to adapt to the ever changing conditions and circumstances of its environment’s.

Supporting this evolution can sometimes require the organization to create newer and more germane structures or processes. For example: a more effective performance management system; a better aligned organizational structure or design; or, a strategic transformational plan for the organization or a division.

These changes may be motivated by the needs of the strategic plan and may be driving such goals as: a major shift of the organizational culture; realizing the growth potential of a targeted market; capturing synergistic opportunities and mitigating key risks associated with a merger or acquisition; or, implementing material cost efficiencies.

At MGA Growth, we strive to help organizations drive change successfully and navigate through the critical aspects and hurdles of its evolution and change process.