Enhancing the Effectiveness of Board of Directors and Senior Management Teams


Board Services

MGA Growth helps Board of Directors improve their effectiveness to oversee the organization as it strives to manifest its mission, reach its vision and achieve its strate- gic goals.

To assist Boards to become as effective as possible, we work toward ensuring that the best and most potent set of competencies, processes, people and structures are in place. This is accomplished by applying meaningful assessments and regular reviews of the Board-as-a-whole, the Board Committees and the individual Directors.

Are the right people and mechanisms in place? Are they performing to their potential? Are the right messages being communicated? Are people being aptly challenged and motivated? Are they being supported? Do the Board’s and the organization’s processes and structures enhance or impede performance?

Navigating through the various stages of an organization’s lifecycle and to meet the challenges and opportunities of today’s ever changing environment, is a challenging quest.

Remember, today’s best practices are tomorrow’s standard practices.

Having a regular review and fine tuning process is essential to ensure that the Board is fulfilling its duties and responsibilities to the best of its ability. Meaningful evaluations of the Board and its activities is an effective tool to achieve this end.

An appropriate performance management system for the Board raises the bar, aligns performance with strategic priorities, clarifies expectations, and reinforces a culture of accountability for the whole organization.

At MGA Growth, our quest is to enhance Board effectiveness by applying current best practices along with sound business acumen.